whoami (he/him)

I was born in India but have been living in the United States for the past 5 years.

Seattle, Washington has been my home-away-from-home (cringe much?) for the past 3 years or so!

Yes, it rains so much that you forget the sun ever shines.

But when the sun does come out, it’s a sight to behold.

my version of eat-sleep-code-repeat!

boba 🍨

A boba a day, keeps reality away

Invented in the 1980s, bubble tea (also called “black pearl tea” or “boba tea”) is a beloved Taiwan classic. Though there are dozens of different variations, at its core it’s a combination of tea, milk and the ‘bubbles’ – which are essentially little balls made of anything from tapioca to fruit jelly - CNN

It’s chewy, it’s customizable, it’s fun. Who wouldn’t love that!

Here are some of my favorite bubble-tea stalls in Seattle. Do check them out if you’re in the area (hit me up and I’ll even join you!):

work 🍩

Until a couple of months ago I was working at Microsoft, building the authoritative DNS service. Then, I made a switch which is almost akin to a leap-of-faith move for me. It’s been a blast ever since!

I’m responsible for handling the entire MLOps pipeline for the Computer Vision team over at Etsy! Python, Python, and loads of Python! It’s the perfect intersection of Software Engineering and Machine Learning which is something I used to crave ever since I graduated! Interested in reading more about my journey at Microsoft? (the one at Etsy is just getting startd ;), read this post I recently published!

travel 🌎

COVID and Travel haven’t really gone well together. After getting vaccinated (gratefuul for them!), a lot of avenues for travel did open up and I was lucky enough to travel to a couple of countries this past year. Here are some of the photos from my escapades.

Some of the photos from my recent travels to (guess?).

cooking 🍔 🍟 🌭 🍕

No takeout food? No problem!

The world responded strongly to the absence of restaurants serving their favorite food. Sure, revenues for Uber Easts and Doordash and the likes went up, but the pandemic caused a lot of folks to really spend some time and fix up their diets :)

What’s the best way to fix up your diet? Well, cook your own food!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with baking and cooking, especially trying all sorts of things in the India cuisine. Specifically, I follow these three channels a lot and try to whip up something over the weekends.

I’m also a string believer in the vegan movement and the delicious food that’s coming out of it! Not a vegan just yet but definitely keeping my sights on it for future. To that extent, two absolutely amazing channels with some great vegan dishes – from sweet to savoury and drinks, they have everything – are as follows:

Go check them out and if you do end up making something amazing, feel free to share in the comments :)